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2007-09-22 23:58:13 by ForionMasta

I have made a few song lately so here are some
This day I threw it all away
My life and everything I loved so much
I was pulled far from the truth
I'm lost in that way
I hoped that I would
Do what I should
Instead I Threw it all away. . .

la, la, la, la, la, la, la. . .

In that world I should've stayed
Instead I threw it all away . . .

I left without regrets
Till I saw that she wept
I thought "why did I do this?"
I threw it all away for nothing today...



Let's do this...!

Destroyed my future
Cuz I dropped out
I'm a failure
(failure, failure)
Don't know what I was thinking 'bout
(failure, failure, failure)

Keep your grades up keep 'em high
Keep them grades up cuz you will fly!
(failure, failure, failure)

Destroyed my future
(future, future)

Be anything you wanna
Hey where's my orange soda?

Instead I threw it all away

So yeah there are my songs =D



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2007-09-23 11:08:08

yo!!! i saw dat comment....but wat kinda voices do u make...hahaha DUMBASS LUIGI & DUMBASS MARIO